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Social media advertising can accomplish many things, such as raising brand awareness, reaching out to new prospects, promoting video content and re-engaging with existing customers

Rezintel has a track record of helping clients across social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn. These platforms can also complement your paid search campaigns, creating a powerful marketing combination

✰ Create a paid social strategy

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We know how to build, optimise and scale advertising campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn from start to finish

✰ Target the right decision makers


Each social media platform has different targeting methods available. With our experience we can target and reach the correct people for your services or products

✰ Retargeting


Facebook and LinkedIn offer some of the best retargeting options available. Such as targeting users who have already been to your website, who have watched one of your paid video’s, or someone who hasn’t converted yet

✰ Track and Report

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The first thing we do is to make sure we are tracking correctly, no matter your goals. Once tracking is setup we then show you campaign performance by building reports in Google Data Studio. These reports use real-time data so they are always available to you

Paid Social Rate Card

Rezintel offers three different pay-per-click management packages. The pricing of each package is based on the budget of the campaigns managed. The pricing varies because typically, less media spend requires less optimisations and account build time. Please note, that each package still receives a high quality of service


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