Create a Website or a GEO Portal for your Vacation Rental Business

Using API, SITEBUILDER interfaces with your Property Management System (PMS) to create website solutions for the Vacation Rental Market.

The system works for individual property owners or mangers of large groups with our GEO Portal.

"A powerful yet beautifully simple Website front end to our PMS system


"A website direct from our PMS System, Works for a single property or a group of properties"

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Beneath the surface there are also many tools available with sitebuilder that enable you to manage your website or Portal without the need or third party plugins.


Manage users, store meta data, allow signups, login and access. Users can use Single Sign On from Microsoft, Facebook or Google.

Different user groups can even have different access to pages. Then communicate via email newsletters with stats. GDPR tools built in.

Site owners can create amazing emails using templates built by our team with our browser-based design tools.


A unique approach to managing content. Use tags to create hierarchies and groups of pages and media items.

Manage complex content simply using groups, widgets, layouts and more amazing built-in features.

The CMS is fully mobile and touch optimised with full feature parity between touch and mouse interaction, including power features like multi-selection, re-ordering and elegant copying and moving of content from one area to another.


Powerful eCommerce built in with support for PayPal, Stripe,, eWay, Payment Express, Oxipay.

Sites can include products of many different types, including using images as options, donations, form-based products and even subscription products (using Stripe).

Site owners can easily configure and place products anywhere on the site.


Site owners can create forms to request user data.

All forms can send to email as well as store submission for CSV export. Notification emails can optionally have the data omitted from the body of the email.

Forms can also be connected to other areas of the system including to add new users to user lists, customisation for products, or additional information on site checkouts.

Video, Images and Files

Uploaded media can be stored and organised using tags. Other widgets and systems can then display collections of items based on tags in things like galleries and folder views.

Images can also be added singly to pages with full support for retina settings and multiple size and crop presets.

Developers can add custom size and crop presets that the site owner can use when building pages.


rezintel websites automatically generate an accessible version that can be used by people with disabilities.

All HTML output is optimised for associated technologies. Content can be swapped for accessible-optimised versions where required but in most cases the page and content will display automatically on the accessible version.

PMS Partners

SITEBUILDER integrates with the following PMS Systems using API

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