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Content blueprint
A streamlined drag-and-drop interface just for working with content. Layout and styling isn’t shown in the blueprint so your clients can focus on their content.

Live preview of changes
An exact preview of the current draft. No fiddly edit-in-place controls shoehorned onto the site like other CMSs.

Manage Your Own Content

Work with your content in a super-clean single list view, without styles and layout getting in the way.

See changes in real-time with the side-by-side preview and enjoy a robust, fast and fun system that radically simplifies the process of working with website content.

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Online Video and Help

RezIntel has been developed to allow the user to edit and maintain your own content, within a secure, modern and professional platform.

Once you sign up and "Start your Free WebsiteTrial " you will be given access to our advanced Video and Online help services.

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All the tools you need to build your perfect website, available in the 'Features Store'

RezIntel has built all these tools into the system ourselves. No clunky third-party integrations here.

Everything you need to sell on your website - stock control included.

Publish a blog with multiple authors, categories, tags and commenting.

Email Newsletters
Send bulk messages all without leaving the CMS. Place signup forms on any page.

Contact forms
Create contact forms with file uploads, drop down menus, checkboxes and more.

Show your status on your site and accept instant message conversations from visitors.

View built-in statistics snapshot or integrate with third party tools like Google Analytics.

Add events to calendars and place them on your pages to show visitors what you’re doing.

Create pages in different languages to automatically build mini regionalised sites.

Plus even more

Embed Codes
Paste embed codes from third party tools like YouTube, Vimeo and Google Maps.

Drag-and-drop files to upload them and easily create download links for your visitors.

Images & Galleries
Drag and drop upload and automatic resizing and cropping. Mobile upload also supported.

Embed or upload directly and host yourself using the built in HTML5/Flash player.

Powerful Editing Tools
Undo/redo, cut/copy/paste, drag-and-drop simplicity and no clunky WYSIWYG editor in sight!

4-tier menu system
Add pages to a 4-tier menu that automatically populates on your site.

Unified Settings
One central location for all your settings and configuration.

Create handy re-usable chunks of content that you can place on multiple pages.

Admin Users
Allow your team to contribute to your website with privilege-based admin user accounts

Mobile & Tablet Friendly
Edit your site from anywhere. It runs beautifully on your mobile or tablet.

Password Protection
Apply password protection to your pages with multiple login accounts.

Live Preview
View your page preview as you make changes to preview how it will look when you publish

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